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The book Geur. The forgotten sensation. will be published on the 17th of November. In this book Frank Bloem describes his adventures in the world of fragrance. (for now only available in Dutch)


The book Geur takes you to the beaches of Texel, the vanilla plantations of Réunion and the trenches of the First World War. At the same time, it brings you close to home on your grandmother's couch or to a warm summer pine forest. Fragrance is ubiquitous in our lives, yet it plays a surprisingly small role in art, science and history. It dominates our memories but in our daily life we ​​forget to perceive it.

Pre order here.


November 16 at 18:00 is the book presentation at Athenaeum Boekwinkel Amsterdam more info here.

November 20 at 15:00 there will be a lecture at De Vries Van Stockum in Haarlem. more info here.

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