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The Snifferoo Smell Club

In the artwork Dennenlust, Into The Great Wide Open 2023, Frank Bloem brings the scent of a warm pine forest to life.


The artwork is an ode to the planted and mature pine forest that occurred on the islands in the 1980s, in contrast to the (now more common) mixed forest. He uses the imagery of the red dots with which forest rangers marked the trees that needed to be cut down to create a more diverse mixed forest. The dots in the artwork contain scents that match this exciting Pine scent. The musk fragrances have an erotic effect, but other fragrances that appear in this work can also be seen as mind-expanding. But as is the case with smells, some people swoon at the smell that is released when unpacking the tent, while others only smell the groundsheet and a slightly moldy canvas.

Together with this work Bloem designed a perfume that was on sale (and sold out) at the festival. The perfume will be available soon on this site and via the site of the Into The great wide open festival

+Dennenlust in the webshop

PDF Dennenlust artwork 

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