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36.5 Scent

As an addition to the first exhibition of the films by artist Sarah Cameron Sunde in Brooklyn NY, Frank designed a scent to go along with watching the extended video installation of 6 lengthly videos of the artist standing in waters all over the world. The scent helped the audience to be more in the situation and stay longer with the video works. 

website 36.5 

Part of an artist in residence at TheatreMitu

Polyester, Altered States Festival

The first (and probably last) odorama film is called Polyester. I is a film about the downfall of an urban house wife, played by drag queen Divine. The film was written and directed by John Waters. A scratch and sniff card with 10 smells was handed out to the moviegoers and was available for home viewers when it aired on television. Frank recreated the smells and presented them during the screening of the film when it was shown as part of the Altered States Festival.

The Butterfly Effect

Collaboration with Mathilde Renault. Creating the smell of a

Cederwood odor in exhibition Byblos

We brought the smell of Lebanon Ceder to the museum halls of the Rijks Museum Van Oudheden.Exhibition Byblos

Á la campaign, Fries Museum smell tour

For the Fries Museum we create a smell tour for the exhibition Á la

8 smell compositions, September me fest.

We created 8 smells for the concerts of the September me
images Nichon Glerum

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